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The solidity of a project with very clear ideas

Since Arcadina was founded in 2002, we have worked on various projects, always with our eyes and soul focused on the photography sector, a discipline we are passionate about and to which we decided to dedicate all our efforts, specialising in the creation of online services for professional photographers.

We have always been very attentive to the evolution of the digital world. But not only from a technical and creative perspective, but also from an economic and business perspective. Because if all this technological evolution is making it clear, it is that business models are changing at breakneck speed and projects that allow professionals and companies in the photographic sector not only to showcase and compete on the Internet, but also to connect more efficiently with their customers and followers, offering them an easy and personalised user experience when accessing their services and products, are going to be increasingly necessary.

That is why, for us, nothing is enough when it comes to continuing to learn and research. We are always attentive to all the challenges that this evolution is bringing with it, in order to apply this knowledge to our project. Our goal is to offer photographers the perfect solution, not only to have a web space through which they can be visible to the world, but above all, to value and manage their physical business through their own online business.

And of course, all this thanks to a fantastic team, specialised, restless and in continuous evolution, and to our collaborators, coming from different essential sectors of communication, systems, image and design, with the mission and the commitment to offer the best online business solutions for professional photographers.

Our team

Always evolving

Félix Mezcua
Founder & CEO

I love chess and tennis. And I enjoy classic cinema, travelling to historic towns and playing with my children.

Jose Alberto Hernandis
Founder & CTO

I like walking in the mountains, watching series and reading novels. Very geek, always tinkering with languages, gadgets and new technologies.

Maribel Oliva
Sales & Customer Success

In love with the sea, the beach and walks in the open air. Passionate about fallas and the smell of gunpowder. I love to travel and enjoy my family and friends.

Laura Llorente
Content Marketing

I love to escape to Cantabria whenever I can and be in contact with the sea. Going on excursions with the family, reading and watching series.

David Monerri
Senior Developer

I like going to the cinema, watching series, board and computer games. And I'm always tinkering with some technological project at home.

Raúl García
QA & Customer Success

I like to play chess, table football and mus (a card game). A walk and listening to good music is also very pleasant for me.

Bernat Gutiérrez
Creative Director

Enthusiast of photography and design. And cinema, series, music and books. Always in "multitasking" mode except when I switch off and look at the sea.

Always one step ahead

Arcadina in Lanzadera

At the end of 2020, Arcadina was selected to be part of Lanzadera, the largest accelerator and incubator of companies in Spain, created by the entrepreneur Juan Roig, president and largest shareholder of the Mercadona group.

This opportunity represents a strategic turning point for our company, since, through Lanzadera, Arcadina has access to a whole range of human, technical and financial resources that will facilitate our growth and expansion, with the aim of becoming a world leader in the creation of business solutions for professional photographers.

But undoubtedly, the most stimulating incentive of being part of the 300 startups promoted in Lanzadera, is that this shows that Arcadina is seen as an innovative and interesting proposal for the business sector in this country and that it is worth betting and investing in our project, present and future.

So, let's get the momentum going and let's fly!


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