Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Every day we receive some questions to Arcadina : What do I need? is it complicated? How soon will I have my new website?. And many more questions we will try to solve here.

What kind of support do you offer?

The technical support that Arcadina offers is one of our strengths. On the last customer survey made the past month, the 95% of our user think that our support service is ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’ and the 97% would recommend to a friend.

We always try to solve all the queries in 24 hours, including weekends. And more specially, we love treat the user as we would like to be treated. We are a young team and committed with the project because our goal is offer to the photographer a successful experience from the first time that they start to use our service. And the support service that we offer is a key point.

In addition we always collect the suggestions of our customers to establish the following improvements to do, because their opinion are important to us.

Can be my photos copied?

In Arcadina, we take care to avoid, to the extent possible, that this does not happen. We have applied many techniques for that: the photos can not be saved with the right button of the mouse, and in addition you can add a watermark to the photos in a way that remaining perfectly identified and protected.

Can I change the website theme whenever I want?

Yes, you can change it whenever you want, you've various website themes all included in the price.

When the website it's created there's a default theme but then you can change it at any time, directly from your control panel. You can choose the color that match your mark on every of our web designs.

Do Arcadina's websites get a good SEO?

Our websites are designed to get a good web positioning in search engines and you have different tools to achieve this. Also, keep in mind the following:

A. Offers quality content. Check the texts of your website, update periodically the blog, update the galleries of your website , etc.. The blog is a good place to offer new content with some frequency. Search engines detect what is the new content on the websites and this makes that their position gradually grow. For this reason it is essential that your blog are asociated with your domain and not with external systems. We recommend you use the blog included in all of our websites.

B. Obtain links to your website. This is important because search engines interpret positively that other website have links to your website, even more if these links come from sites with a similar interest.

C. Optimize the website. A website is not ended when this is published. In this moment starts his true evolution. If the day after you publish your website you forget it is as if after plant a tree you forget watering it. Not grow much. You should analyze who visit your website, what sections are the most visited, etc.. In Arcadina we offer you the advanced statistics of Google Analytics.

Your website can offer you many new customers and extra work if you spend a little time.

Who owns the web domain?

With Arcadina you are the owner of your domain (.com .net .es,...) and keep all rights to it. Never checked domains to our name and we do not use your website to advertise hidden or misleading to others of our services. You are the owner of your domain.

Should I worry about technical issues?

You do not have to worry about anything, just to add photos to your website, write on the blog, or to manage the customer area, nothing more, we take care of the rest:

Automatic Updates. Our websites themes evolve every day. Your website will automatically receive all the upgrades designed by our designers.

Content Storage (hosting). We provide all the space you need your page.

Dedicated servers. To achieve a better performance of your website we have dedicated servers optimized by our technicians. Our goal: quick loading of the website, photos and videos. In general, do not expect visitors and maintain the online site forever.

Technical service. The best of a good website is a technical service that gives you the necessary assistance to answer your questions, manage your email accounts and perform other technical management. It is always preferable to be attended by a specialist that by an inexperienced operator.

Do I need to have any programming, HTML or design knowledge?

No, you do not need to have any technical or programming knowledge. Once activated your website you have access to the management panel that you can use easily and intuitively to add and modify the content of your website: images, text, blog, music, videos, etc.. So you can update it whenever you want.

Is possible to hire a theme of Arcadina without hire a Plan?

No. Our themes are not on sale independently because we are not a company to rent templates. Arcadina offers a service to rent a website with everything that it need to work correctly, a service that includes the domain, web service, constant upgrades and updates, reviews, online technical support, etc.. If you decide unsuscribe from our web services, you can not take the website the to another server. You will be able to request the domain to be transferred to another provider.

Do you have servers on America for the access to the websites could be faster?

In Arcadina, we have servers distributed on several data centers from several countries from Europe and America, to host websites from customers from the entire World and obtain the best performance. In addition, the uptime of our production servers, where the websites of our customers are hosted, is from the 99,97% on the last year. We are obsessed to get the best reliability and the best performance from the websites of our customers.

Do you offer the service around the world?

Of course! Our web service is used by photographers and companies all around the world. You can check-in our costumers portfolio of clients. In addition, you can create your website in several languages and collect your sales in your own currency.

Can I change the music of my website?

Our website themes allow you to add music to the home page and galleries of your website. The format of the music files is MP3. We recommend some websites where you can download free music without copyright that you can use on your website. And of course, if you are from those who prefer the web without music, you can disable this option.

The following link will provide more information about banks free music copyright: Banks free music.

More questions?

Our support team will always respond within 24 hours.

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