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How to send photos to a customer or proof photos online

With Arcadina you can now create client galleries on your website with username and password, this is what we call the private customer area. You'll get your customers to proof their photos and send you their selection easily. Creating a proofing gallery is very simple. You can also create a photo slideshow with music. Or create a gallery with photo downloads.

Take your business one step further with private client galleries, easy to use without technical knowledge. You can also create all the customer galleries you need, there is no limit

There are several types of customer galleries that can be public or private (with password access). And you can add pictures and videos. Below we explain the different types.

How to send photos to a customer or proof photos online

Photo proofing galleries

Your client will be able to proof photos comfortably from his computer, tablet or mobile.

Photo proofing galleries

Proofing photo galleries allow you to create pages for your customers to select their favourite photos from a computer or mobile phone. Just create your proofing gallery, upload your photos and notify your customer to access your customer area, review their photos and choose their favorites (with the Favorites feature).

Once your client has proof her photos online you will instantly receive an email with the list of selected photos. And you will always be able to consult this selection of images, and the rest of your clients' current orders, from the admin panel of your website.

Private proofing galleries are ideal for photographers and videographers who don't have time to make an appointment in the studio with your clients to proof photos (because they're sure to take up a lot of time). This way your customers can choose their photos comfortably from home, and you can continue working.

In addition, the private galleries for proofing photos from home have an important marketing effect, because many times customers often make the selection of photos in the company of other friends or family. And that's an ideal way to let new potential clients know about your modern way of working, and your magnificent work of course.

See an example of a photo proofing gallery.

Multimedia slideshow gallery

Prepare your clients, in a few minutes, a private selection of photos with music to leave them speechless.

Multimedia slideshow gallery

With the Slideshow photo album you can show your customers a photo pass with music (optional) or a video, ideal for showing a summary of a finished project. You can also assign permissions to it so that it becomes a private photo album.

See an example of a multimedia photo slideshow gallery.

Private Photo and Video Sample Gallery

It's a simple way to show your customers their photos or videos privately.

Private Photo and Video Sample Gallery

For photographers who simply want to show their photos and videos to their customers as quickly and professionally as possible, and safely. For example, you can show the photos to a couple only a few days after their wedding and when they are still on a honeymoon. Or a company or professional model who wants to have their photos available online but privately. You can also share with other photographers some private photos that you want them to see. It's an easy way to show your customers your photos in private.

The sample photo and video album allows you to display photographs privately but without the option to select, download or sell.

View an example of a private showcase photo gallery.

Private photo gallery to sell photos with print formats

Offer your customers the print formats you use in your business.

Private photo gallery to sell photos with print formats

You will be able to sell photos and videos in different print formats: photographic paper, canvas, personalized products,... You will be able to create private sale galleries for a wedding, guest photos, end-of-year photographs, studio session, social event, sporting event, ... Private photo albums that allow your customers to buy their photos from home.

You can create a photo gallery with a general price list if all the photos are going to have the same price. Or if you prefer a gallery selling images with individual price list if each photo is going to have a different price.

Private photo gallery to sell photos with print formats

The payment methods allowed for the sale of printed formats are Paypal and Stripe (payment by credit card). And you can also pay by bank transfer, cash payment with collection in store and cash on delivery.

You can also configure different shipping costs depending on the type of product.

We live in a digital age where people don't have time, and online shopping is becoming common and natural and can increase your sales and business opportunities. That's why it's essential that as a photographer, videographer or creative you have an page to sell your photos.

View an example of a gallery to sell photos with print formats.

Private photo gallery to sell photos with digital download

Sell your photos online with secure payment and digital download of files.

Private photo gallery to sell photos with digital download

It works in the same way as the gallery to sell photos with print formats, in fact the same gallery can include print and digital download formats.

The big difference in the sale of digital files is that once the payment has been made, the client will be able to download the files directly. The forms of payment allowed for the sale of digital files are Paypal and Stripe (payment by credit card).

See an example of a photo gallery with digital download.

Private photo download gallery for customers

This album allows you to download photos. Very useful for customer agreements and marketing. And much more.

Have you ever been in a hurry to deliver the photos of a wedding or other type of client and you didn't know how to get them to them? Image download galleries allow your client to download their photos in digital format with a single click. It's a very convenient and effective way to deliver photos to your client.

The photo download galleries are also widely used for private events with many attendees or guests. For example the photocall of a wedding, private parties, business openings, promotional events, conferences of all kinds, institutional events, end of school year, etc…

They are galleries with an added value, because they allow (optionally in each gallery) to request to whoever downloads the photos their data with a small contact form. And this is a powerful marketing tool that will allow you to grow your list of contacts and emails. To which you will be able to send your news and offers.

In addition some photographers create this type of private galleries with photo downloading with a previous economic agreement with the wedding bride and groom, the organizer of the party, the headmaster of the school,... Who pay a one-time fee to have their photos available.

View an example of a photo download gallery for customers.

Control your privacy and protect your images with watermarks

Our service includes a complete watermark manager. And you can password protect your work.

Our private online photo and video galleries allow you to create password-protected albums for each of your customers. Choose who sees your photos. It is very easy to create photo galleries with a password.

You can also protect your images with a watermark in a very simple way thanks to the advanced watermarks manager that include our websites. This way you will get the maximum security for your images and you will protect the author's rights in each photograph that you upload. Create your watermark in a moment and forget about the subject forever. Your watermark will then be automatically applied to every photo you upload to your customer galleries. It is advisable to always use a watermark for all galleries.

And on our websites the photos are always blocked to prevent visitors from right-clicking with the mouse and saving the image, even if it's just the watermarked thumbnail.

An advanced interface that helps your visitors

When photos look better, customers buy more.

Private customer galleries have a modern and simple interface that will make your life and those of your customers easier. The online sale of photos and videos is strongly influenced by the presentation. And it's proven that in our industry when photos look better, customers buy more. That's why our private online galleries are elegant and designed to highlight the qualities of your work.

Purchase options and buttons are clearly visible to increase your sales. And the shopping cart on our websites is very simple and intuitive.

Finally, the processes of proofing photos, selling photos, downloading photos,... have been simplified to the maximum.

Create a 14-day free trial website and you'll be able to see for yourself.

Do business wherever your customers are

Our client galleries can be consulted from any computer, mobile or tablet.

In Arcadina we are very clear that nowadays users access the Internet from smartphones and tablets, so it is more necessary than ever that customer galleries adapt to all types of devices. This way they will be able to make an image proofing or the purchase of some photographs from any online medium, multiplying your possibilities of doing business online.

Our private customer galleries can be viewed from any device, so you can reach all your customers and visitors in the best way.

Security in the payment of photos

The payment methods we offer use secure servers and protocols, which ensure that the information circulating on your website is always protected and can not be used by third parties. In this way we offer your customers total security in their data. You'll get all the peace of mind of a secure online store.

Expand your photography business with customer galleries

Create a website with customer galleries and start making your online business more profitable.

The client area of our websites for photographers, videographers and creatives is a tool thought and designed so that the professional photographer can do business online in a simple and effective way.

Our private customer galleries are the key tool your website needs to boost your online sales. Cheer up and try them, they're very easy to use. And they are fully integrated with the web design, giving a more professional and reliable overall look.

And the management of these galleries is also integrated into the same admin panel of your website, which will simplify your work. You'll spend less time managing everything, have fewer headaches managing several different panels, and have a lot more time for your work and free time.

Create your new online photo business and start making your photos, videos and creations more profitable.