Photo and video galleries

Professional photo and video website

Video cover. Catches the attention of your customers.

You can select what type of presentation, video or photos.

video cover in your photographer site

You can select a video for the cover in your photographer site, so when your new visitors and customers to access your website will see a video presentation where you show how to do your job, tell them through the video details that are not detectable with photos. You can show your last job or create a specific video about important projects, among many other ideas.

The video cover option is available on all themes.

Photo gallery

The photo gallery is the heart of your website of photographer, show your work dynamically. You will be able to organize all your photographic material in albums or subalbums, your work will be organized and well exposed. In addition you have the possibility to add music on the slideshow of images.

Photo galleries and videos for your photography website

You can order easily the pictures or decide what images to publish, copy or move pictures from one album to another one, decide what section of the picture you want use as a thumbnail. All of this and more will allow you to work in a simple and efficient.

Video gallery. Include videos of Youtube or Vimeo.

Is possible create galleries of videos from Youtube or Vimeo. Using this way you will be able to upload in one time videos on your channels and also show it on your website.

Galerías vídeos para tu web de fotografía

Harness the power of video

The video is a powerful tool to share information and content more directly and quickly to your potential customers. There are many situations where it is necessary. Create your own video galleries without any advertising or information that might confuse your customers and find your competition.