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Video cover. Catches the attention of your customers.

You can select what type of presentation, video or photos.

Video cover

It is possible to select a video as a cover on your photography website, so that when your new visitors and clients access your website they will see a video presentation showing how you do your work. Tell them through the video details that are not perceptible with photographs. You can show your latest work or create a specific video of important moments, among many other ideas.

The video on the cover option is available in all web designs.

Photo gallery

The photo gallery is the heart of your photography website, show your work dynamically. You will be able to organize all your photographic material in galleries and subgalleries. Your work will be organized and well exposed. In addition you will have the possibility to add music on the slideshow of images.

Photo gallery

Easily sort images or decide which images to publish. Copy them or move them from one gallery to another. Decide which part of the image you want to be displayed as a thumbnail. This and much more will allow you to work easily and efficiently.

Video galleries. Includes videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

Create video galleries that you have on Youtube or Vimeo. This way you will be able to take advantage of all the potential of these video platforms to show them also in your web at maximum resolution and with an optimal performance.

Include videos of Youtube or Vimeo

Harness the power of video

Video is a powerful tool to transmit information and content more directly and quickly to your potential customers. There are many situations in which it is essential. You will be able to create your own video gallery without any advertising or external information that could mislead your customers.