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Designed for Non-Technical Photographers and Creatives

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A control panel designed to manage your photos, videos and texts.

Our control panel is designed to be very easy to use. Our goal is to publish and update the contents of your photographer or creative website is simple and comfortable You can also create new photo galleries and videos, highlight offers on the cover, manage the blog, review your customers' orders, create selection albums Photos or download, check the statistics of visits or manage the positioning web, etc.

Ideal for professionals who need to change and add frequently the contents of his website, such as photos, texts, products and rates, without relying on any technician every time. All our models are self-managed..

 All our models are self-managed

It is a powerful management tool that allows you to manage web and blog from the same panel. You can also control traffic and activity your site using graphical consumer and visitor statistics thanks to the powerful Google Analytics tool.

One of the biggest advantages of our control panel in addition to its ease of use is that it is in constant development by our technical team.

Here we show a series of images from the control panel, you'll see how easy and intuitive it is to manage your web:

Add a new section on your website in only one click:

Arcadina - Management Panel of your website

Upload images on a gallery:

Arcadina - Management Panel of your website

Manage your customers' orders in the online store and customer area

customers' orders in the online store and customer area

Includes title and description in the pages for better search engine positioning

Arcadina - Management Panel of your website

Change website color or theme. Your website have avalaible differents themes with six color variations each:

Change website color or theme

The most frequently asked questions we receive at Arcadina about our control panel are:

Who can access to the control panel of my website?

Only you. The access to the control panel is secure and private, accessible only by a user name and password that you will establish the password when you create your trial.

The control panel is the same for all our themes?

Yes, in any type of model that you choose you will have the control panel, a common tool for all customers, allowing us to make updates and continuous improvement that all users can enjoy.

Do I need computer knowledges to use this service?

You will not need any knowledge of HTML.
We design and develop all our tools so that users do not rely on any technician to manage your website, so all our models are self-managed

In addition you have access to our online help service where you will be able to ask any question that you have. You will find each topic explained step by step easily. Designed for you to work in a familiar, easy to understand and use, regardless of your level of expertise.